Scott Forbes

Cairn Post – Original Article

THERE was a change in the traffic at 11am yesterday.

The barriers were removed on Shaws Access Rd, a new link into Redlynch, which will take pressure off Michaelangelo Dr and Redlynch Intake Rd.

Council had the works scheduled for 2015-16 until Springbrook Estate developer Fortress Group put up the finance for the $1.4 million job.

“Although our final contribution of the project is 35 per cent, we had the capacity to deliver the whole road with an agreement for Council to pay us back their share of approximately $910,000 in six months,” Fortress Group chief executive Peter McGuane said.

“We were very aware of the need for this significant link to be completed as soon as possible.”

Division 6 councillor Linda Cooper said residents would have had to wait another year without the support of Fortress Group.

“Morning traffic quite regularly stretches back along Michaelangelo Dr by half a kilometre, with drivers having to sit through three to four changes of traffic lights, due to the conflicting heavy use of traffic coming out of the valley,” she said.

“This has been an untenable situation for a number of reasons, including the frustration of drivers, who have pushed the boundaries of traffic light changes to the detriment of the safety of schoolchildren.”

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