Creating premium communities

At Fortress Group, we create more than just a place to live, we create a connection to the environment and the community. 

Fortress Group is a family-owned Queensland business with hands-on management by the Kleinschmidt family.  With over 30 years of experience in development, design and construction, property innovation is in our DNA.

Our reputation is built on a proven track record.  Our communities are carefully designed and master planned to ensure that we create more than just a place to live, but promote liveability and lifestyle.

We believe our residents should enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle with wide open spaces, parkland, connected walking tracks and bike trails.   Life in our communities is much more than an address.

Since 1986 Fortress Group has undertaken numerous successful community developments throughout Queensland.  We treat development as a long-term business rather than a speculative investment and consequently, we take a disciplined approach to everything we do.  Based on thorough research and well considered logic, we develop long-term strategies for sustained growth, resilience and stability through all market cycles.

Fortress Group has consistently achieved high standards of residential development, ensuring you receive the best possible returns on your investment, making many families happy they chose a Fortress community.  

We operate with the understanding that it’s the communities in which we develop that afford us the privilege to be in business, that is why creating developments with the community in mind is at the heart of everything we do.   Always striving for excellence and continually pushing to set new benchmarks in design, development, and construction.

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