In an environmentally conscious society people are now looking to either modify their home or to buy a new home with more environmental features. This has become a lot easier to do with MyStyle Homes’ that are renowned and awarded for their green smart buildings which have been perfectly designed for the tropical climate of Cairns.

Cherrybrook is proud to have two environmentally efficient homes done by MyStyle Homes. One of the two houses, MyCastle, has been awarded with a 9.9-star energy efficiency rating. This is the highest award receivable and should not be understated or undervalued.

MyStyle Homes have pushed the boundaries of energy-efficient designs and innovative technology. The team recognised that envrionmental sustainability would become a central focus for all of their projects as it was “an ideal opportunity to showcase the many solution and methods” for a greener lifestyle.

Both energy efficient home in Cherrybrook have the following design features:

  • Ventilated eave sheets; creates a cooler ‘lid’ for the house.
  • Cross Ventilation through strategic windows and openings.
  • Casement Windows and louvers; will catch breezes and improve the circulation.
  • Fans which maximise air circulation; will help to reduce the need for air conditioning.
  • Tinted windows; will reduce solar glare and heat transfer keeping the house cooler.
  • Solar power with storage for further use through Tesla battery system.
  • The Positioning of the home and the windows to factor in breezes as well as the winter and summer sun.
  • Maximises the heat reflection and minimising heat absorption through the light exterior colour palette.
  • The insulation in the ceiling and walls help to prevent heat gain.
  • A liveable outdoor area was created with integrated roofing over a large alfresco area.
  • Energy efficient hot water system.
  • Tap-ware to reduce water flow without compromising on output or experience.

These houses offer many different features and does not pass up on the modern and luxurious style. The 9.9-star rating is confirming that the “sustainable living practises implemented in this home have provided return on their investment and value for money on a home” which is practical yet attractive and appealingly modern.

Both homes are still available currently and are waiting for an environmentally conscious occupant to call it home. For more information on the homes contact us for an appointment to see how you can get into your new home sooner.

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